Blankets made of synthetic fibers or combination of wool and syntethic fibers


1) 100% synthetic fibers Weight: 1850gr/pc.

Dim: 1.20x1.80m. 1x40'ft load 8000pcs

2) 100% synthetic fibers . Weight: 1950gr/pc.

Dim: 1.40x2.00m. 1x40'ft load 7200pcs.


3) 30% wool 70% synthetic fibers. Weight: 1850gr/pc

Dim: 1,20x1,80m. 1x40'ft load 8000pcs

4) 30% wool 70% synthetic fibers Weight: 2400gr/pc

Dim: 1,40x2,00m. 1x40'ft load 8000pcs.

Color : Olive Green, Khaki - Army color, Gray

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